Day: May 4, 2024

What is Data HK?

data hk

Data hk refers to information relating to an individual, and includes details that help differentiate one from another or locate them, enabling criminal investigations or direct marketing activities. Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance regulates this area in Hong Kong by outlining rights for individuals as well as specific obligations of data controllers; furthermore it outlines six data protection principles which guide collection, processing, holding, and use.

The PDPO stipulates that personal data must be collected lawfully for lawful purposes, and be adequate and not excessive in relation to that purpose. Furthermore, it mandates secure storage and no unauthorised disclosure unless required by law; furthermore it prohibits unintentional disclosure without consent – also known as “doxxing.”

At various points and for various purposes, you may be invited to submit personal data to GovHK on a voluntary basis. When this occurs, GovHK will explain its intended usage and how you can gain access or make corrections to this data.

Alongside the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Ordinance (PDPO), Hong Kong Bill of Rights protects an individual against unlawful interference with his privacy, family life, home and correspondence, or malicious attacks against his honour and reputation. Unfortunately, however, law cannot cover every aspect of one’s privacy.

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