World of Winners – Win a Trip to Hong Kong

Are You Planning on Travelling to Hong Kong? Beginning March 1st, check out the World of Winners Splash Page as this prize provides a global chance to win airline tickets to visit this beautiful region of Asia. Ticket distribution will occur over three waves beginning with Southeast Asian residents receiving them first followed by those living on mainland China and finally those from around the globe on May 1.

The Hongkong Prize is an illustrious literary contest honoring writers who specialize in Asia or Hong Kong in their writing. This competition provides writers with an incredible opportunity to be recognized for their skills as writers while learning more about Asian culture and history. Top ten finalists receive a monetary award and plaque at an awards ceremony ceremony as well as other perks; however, winning this coveted literary contest requires both talent and dedication!

HK Prize is one of the region’s premier literary prizes and open to authors worldwide. To qualify, applicants must submit articles that incorporate original research and make an impactful statement about life in Hong Kong. Entrants may submit one entry each, with winners honored at an awards ceremony held annually in Hong Kong. Among this year’s finalists is one person using technology to assist homeless adults while another explores human rights issues through fine art concepts.

HK Prize honors outstanding researchers while simultaneously honoring Hong Kong as an epicenter of scientific research. Designed by architect Yves Belanger, the 2018 trophy features two precious items – a pearl and jade amulet with holes punched through them – to symbolically balance science with art. To be eligible for consideration of this prize, applicants must either reside or be appointed at one of Hong Kong universities.

The Hongkong Prize is an annual event designed to recognize and encourage achievement among individuals and organizations in Hong Kong, as well as encourage others to strive for their own successes. This year’s prestigious awards ceremony took place at Tsing Yi District. Notable winners include a charity founder providing shelter to homeless adults and an academic who developed liquid biopsy technology to enable faster cancer diagnoses. Whoever wants to win the Hongkong prize should study hard and participate in extracurricular activities to increase their odds. They should also carefully read all rules and regulations prior to entering any contests. As this will prevent costly mistakes that could undermine their chances of winning the prize, they should use only reliable gambling sites offering fair play and reasonable winning chances – this will reduce risks of getting scammed out of money, while being upfront when declaring winnings and losses will reduce risks of scamming while increasing chances of success in winning prizes.

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