The Hong Kong Prize for Young Scientists

Hong Kong Prize winners not only enjoy increased international visibility and access to some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities; this represents an outstanding opportunity for scientists looking to advance their careers in one of the world’s premier science hubs!

The Hong Kong Prize is open to both Southeast Asian residents, mainland Chinese students, and international students from any location. Applying starts March 1 at the World of Winners splash page!

This year’s Hong Kong Prize will recognize and celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of an exceptional group of high school students from all backgrounds. The contest honors academic success as well as extracurricular involvement and fosters young people’s development with self-discipline and challenge. Participants for Bronze awards must complete four sections (service, skills, physical recreation and expedition); Silver and Gold winners have an additional residential project requirement.

Winners of the HK Prize should strive to have a positive effect on society and advance humanity, in return for which they receive a scholarship, an engraved medal and trophy from the Board of Hong Kong Alliance of Technology and Innovation. Furthermore, winners are invited to attend an awards ceremony in Beijing where their work can gain international recognition.

HK Prize winners are encouraged to collaborate with local and overseas scientific and technical experts in order to expand their research capabilities, furthering the growth of both the HK Prize and research community. In line with its dedication to upholding professional ethics and integrity in its operations, the Board of the HK Prize may conduct investigations on any breach of ethical practices or illegal activities involving members, taking appropriate actions against any individuals found guilty – this may include termination of prizes awarded; withdrawal of certificates/trophies awarded and/or initiating disciplinary proceedings against these responsible parties.

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