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Should rhino horn trade be legalised?

Today is World Environment Day, the theme – illegal wildlife trafficking.  Whether or not to legalise the trade in rhino horn has been one of the hottest controversies surrounding the poaching crisis.  The South African government has backed off plans to seek the legalisation of an international horn trade later this year at the CITES convention, […]

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At the sharp end – the true cost of rhino poaching

How bad is the rhino poaching in Africa right now and how big a toll is the deadly horn trade taking on those battling to save them day in, day out? Reserve manager Simon Naylor of Phinda  game reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province has just had the job of dehorning their population of rhinos in […]

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Save the Rhino dismay at horn trade ruling

Rhino conservationists have reacted with alarm and dismay to a South African High Court ruling that lifts a ban on domestic trade of rhino horn within the country. Judge Francis Legodi today struck down the moratorium on domestic trade imposed by the South African government in 2009, saying the government had failed to properly consult […]

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Could synthetic horn help save the rhino?

Could a synthetically produced imitation of rhino horn undermine the black market in poached horn, and help save the rhino? That’s the intriguing proposition behind Pembient, a San Francisco-based biotech start-up, which plans to bio-engineer a faux rhino horn that’s genetically indistinguishable from the real thing, and sell it to Asian consumers at prices below […]

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Legal horn trade debate produces heat – and light

The world rallied to the global financial crisis and the ebola crisis; they need to rally to the current global poaching crisis. Fierce debate over legalising the trade in rhino horn has split South Africa’s conservation lobby in recent months. Now a groundbreaking debate on the issue, held recently in Cape Town, has paved the […]

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From rhinos to rosewood – illegal trade is on the up

For around two and a half years now, we’ve tried to keep a focus on what’s happening with the poaching of African rhinos via this awareness raising campaign. As a result we’ve become fairly well versed in the wide-ranging and complex issues of the international wildlife trade – the third largest illegal business in the […]

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EIA: Why a legal trade in rhino horn won’t work

In a bid to reduce rhino poaching, the South African government is considering tabling a proposal to legalise trade in rhino horn at the 17th Conference of Parties of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES) in 2016. It’s a hugely controversial issue, with passionate advocates and opponents. In […]

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WWF targets Vietnam market for rhino horn’s ’emotional’ benefits

The recent announcement from Vietnam’s Prime Minister asking all government departments to react strongly on wildlife crime is good news and an important step forward in the fight to end rhino poaching, according to the WWF’s Rhino Programme Manager for South Africa, Dr Jo Shaw. ‘It’s a significant step in the right direction, similar to […]

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Experts’ wish list for World Rhino Day

For World Rhino Day on September 22 Project African Rhino asked leading rhino experts, charities and conservationists one question: What single thing would you like to see happen in the next 12 months to help bring an end to the poaching? Cathy Dean, Director – Save the Rhino International: If I had to pick one […]

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UK police target rhino horn and ivory traffic

An online antiques dealer was today fined NZ$12,000 (£6,300) by a New Zealand court for illegally trading in ivory. Jiezhen Jiang was caught after customs officers intercepted two parcels containing ivory in the mail. Other ivory artefacts were found at his home, and the court heard that Jiang had been buying and reselling objects online, […]

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