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Photographers unite to save the rhino in 2017

It’s always good to be able to start the New Year on a positive note. So the launch of a major new ‘photography for conservation’ project for rhinos this month certainly gets the thumbs up from Project African Rhino, not only because we hope to play a small part in its success, but also because […]

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At the sharp end – the true cost of rhino poaching

How bad is the rhino poaching in Africa right now and how big a toll is the deadly horn trade taking on those battling to save them day in, day out? Reserve manager Simon Naylor of Phinda  game reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province has just had the job of dehorning their population of rhinos in […]

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Legal horn trade debate produces heat – and light

The world rallied to the global financial crisis and the ebola crisis; they need to rally to the current global poaching crisis. Fierce debate over legalising the trade in rhino horn has split South Africa’s conservation lobby in recent months. Now a groundbreaking debate on the issue, held recently in Cape Town, has paved the […]

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‘Help a ranger – Save a rhino’ charity’s urgent Xmas appeal

‘Camping equipment, cooking equipment, boots, wet weather gear – wet weather stuff in particular. Poachers don’t stop for the bad weather, they quite like the bad weather’ …anti-poaching ranger, Hluhluwe iMfolozi reserve, South Africa. When we ask rangers we meet in Africa, fighting against poaching on the frontline, living rough, deep in the bush for […]

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Can rhinos profit from trophy hunting?

Recent reports that a group called the Dallas Safari Club is to auction off the chance for a trophy hunter to shoot a black rhino in Namibia, with proceeds going to support conservation of the endangered species, has sparked furious condemnation from some quarters, and equally forthright support from others. Despite the furore, the recyling […]

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Tracking desert rhinos: first catch your camel

For once the loud grumbling noise is not coming from our stomachs. It’s quite a din and makes it difficult to say hello again to one of our old friends from Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) in Namibia, the charity that’s protecting the world’s last remaining population of truly free-roaming black rhinos: the rare, desert-adapted […]

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Tracking the success of Namibia’s desert rhinos

When we last came to track Namibia’s arid-adapted black rhino in their desert stronghold it was May 2009. The rains that year had been exceptionally good and searching out the rhinos in this remote region was challenging even for the experienced and expert local trackers employed by Save the Rhino Trust (SRT). SRT is the […]

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Rhino security chief: hearts, minds and bullets

As a young, poorly educated Maasai, John Pameri walked a hundred kilometres to get a job at Kenya’s Lewa Conservancy – twice. Two decades later he’s head of a 150-strong security team, recently gained his pilot’s licence, and travels internationally to raise much-needed funding. We spoke to him about the challenging, expensive and dangerous business […]

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Rhino Sanctuary Wins Ecotourism ‘Oscar’

As awards time comes around once again and gongs are given out to the great and good we felt it was timely to celebrate the success of Ol Pejeta, an impressive Kenyan rhino sanctuary we visited late last year, which has just been handed the well-earned title of ‘Private Conservancy of the Year’. Ol Pejeta’s […]

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World Rhino Day

It’s World Rhino Day and we’re here in Nairobi on the Kenyan leg of Project African Rhino – our three year photo-journalism drive to raise awareness about rhino conservation at a time when poaching is on the rise again.  It’s been a hectic first week of intensive research and photography in the beautiful Laikipia region, […]

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