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At the sharp end – the true cost of rhino poaching

How bad is the rhino poaching in Africa right now and how big a toll is the deadly horn trade taking on those battling to save them day in, day out? Reserve manager Simon Naylor of Phinda  game reserve in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province has just had the job of dehorning their population of rhinos in […]

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Kenya’s black rhinos gaining ground

Some welcome good news from Kenya, where the land available for black rhino is being extended by some 8,000 hectares, with the establishment of the Mutara Conservancy in the Laikipia region. The new conservancy borders Ol Pejeta Conservancy, which is home to a significant proportion of Kenya’s black rhino population. Ol Pejeta will assist in […]

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Kenya’s rhinos: the good, the bad and the ugly

It’s two years since we reported on ambitious plans to introduce rhinos to Borana Conservancy in Kenya’s Laikipia region, bucking the trend of many landowners who were removing rhinos in the face of poaching threats. Now there’s more good news: Borana and neighbouring Lewa Conservancy are dropping the fence separating the two properties, to create […]

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Can rhinos profit from trophy hunting?

Recent reports that a group called the Dallas Safari Club is to auction off the chance for a trophy hunter to shoot a black rhino in Namibia, with proceeds going to support conservation of the endangered species, has sparked furious condemnation from some quarters, and equally forthright support from others. Despite the furore, the recyling […]

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Rhinos Return To Create New Kenyan Population

On November 26 last year we posted on this blog about an ambitious plan to create vital new habitat for black rhinos on Borana, a private reserve in Kenya’s Laikipia region that neighbours Lewa Wildlife Conservancy – already a very successful sanctuary for rhinos. When we visited Borana a few weeks earlier there had been […]

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Saving desert rhino

It’s great to see that the images we got visiting Save the Trust (SRT) in Namibia last month are already being put to work by Save the Rhino International in its newly-launched 2013 appeal to raise funds for SRT’s conservation work protecting the world’s largest free-ranging population of critically endangered black rhino. The Trust’s dedicated […]

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Tracking desert rhinos: first catch your camel

For once the loud grumbling noise is not coming from our stomachs. It’s quite a din and makes it difficult to say hello again to one of our old friends from Save the Rhino Trust (SRT) in Namibia, the charity that’s protecting the world’s last remaining population of truly free-roaming black rhinos: the rare, desert-adapted […]

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Party animals: Black rhino nightlife

  The BBC’s recent blockbuster series on Africa made much of new footage showing black rhinos enjoying what were dubbed ‘secret parties’ at a Namibian waterhole. These nocturnal get-togethers won’t have been news to anyone who has visited Etosha national park’s Okaukuejo rest camp during the dry season. Black rhinos regularly visit the camp’s floodlit […]

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Tracking the success of Namibia’s desert rhinos

When we last came to track Namibia’s arid-adapted black rhino in their desert stronghold it was May 2009. The rains that year had been exceptionally good and searching out the rhinos in this remote region was challenging even for the experienced and expert local trackers employed by Save the Rhino Trust (SRT). SRT is the […]

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Elvis is alive and kicking in Kenya

Say ‘jambo’ to a special black rhino named Elvis who we met on our recent travels in Kenya. He’s one of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s hand-reared black rhinos now successfully returned to the wild and is a real character. Elvis was born to a blind mother who has sadly been unable to keep her calves for […]

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