Our press clippings

The primary aim of this project is to publish articles raising awareness of the key rhino conservation issues. Here are some examples of where we’ve been published:

At the Sharp End

(Earth Island Journal – Winter 2017 – read online)

Seven Radical Ways to Beat Poaching

(BBC Wildlife – October 2014 (image only))


Save the Rhino

(The Horn – Autumn 2014 (cover image only))

Wild Planet

Rhinos: Behind the Headlines

(Wild Planet – November 2013)
(Download this issue free)

hilife clipping

How Much Longer Will We See This In The Wild?

(High Life South Africa – British Airways magazine – July 2013)

(Read this)

vanishing point

Vanishing Point

(Travel Africa magazine – Spring 2013)

(Read this)

BSpiritSaving Kenya’s rhinos

(B Spirit – Brussels Airlines magazine – Spring 2013)

SunHorn of Sentry

(The Sun, The Mirror, and numerous international titles – November 2012)

(Read this)

MailFarming rhinos

(Daily Mail online – our images, not our words – August 2012)

(Read this)


(Msafiri – Kenya Airways magazine – July 2012

(Read this)

Msafiri2Back in the firing line 

(Msafiri – Kenya Airways magazine – November 2010)

(Read this)

TravelAfrica1Divide & Prosper

(Travel Africa – international travel magazine – Spring 2010)

(Read this)

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