New Renovations to the Elkington Park Pools in Sydney

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Sydney’s ocean pools are one of its hallmark features. Situated along beaches or near cliffs, these rock and sea pools allow swimmers to cool off during hot summer days – many even made the National Trust Heritage List! These unique sea pools make for great spots to spend a relaxing day trip.

Sydney boasts more than 30 rock pools, with Elkington Park Pools serving as one of the oldest swimming spots since their construction in 1883. They’ve been popular swimming spots ever since!

No matter its age, the pool still draws crowds on weekends. Renovation plans aim to attract even more visitors while adding amenities like a lazy river, interactive water wall and diving platform with springboards. Not everyone agrees with these changes though and some remain unhappy.

Some residents embrace the new designs while others fear renovations will compromise its character and be unwelcoming to older residents and families. To address their concerns during planning process, designers met regularly with Mayor’s Pool Committee members as well as community representatives for discussions regarding ideas presented and hearing feedback on project; an exhibit was even organized so residents could express their thoughts and share feelings on project.

The new design is an innovative fusion of old and new elements, including elements from both historical and modern architecture. Along with a lazy river, there will also be a large curved pool featuring waterfalls, diving boards and springboards as well as an interactive water wall; all designed to make swimming an enjoyable experience – be it recreational exercise or rehabilitation and therapeutic swims.

To provide an exceptional and relaxing experience, the new pool will include lap lanes and changing rooms equipped with sauna and steam rooms. Lap lanes have been designed to accommodate recreational swimmers as well as competitive ones – this will make accessing the water easier for all members of the community regardless of ability or disability.

Safety improvements such as new entrance, enhanced fencing, and security measures will also be put into effect to enhance swimmers’ experience at the Water park. In addition, improved water quality, and an all-ages 295 foot slide will all feature as part of this new facility which will open for public access starting June 3 and close two weeks before Labor Day. It is staffed with a manager, assistant manager and 25 lifeguards trained in lifesaving techniques who will ensure its water quality, appearance, as well as ensure its security for visitors.

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