Experts’ wish list for World Rhino Day

For World Rhino Day on September 22 Project African Rhino asked leading rhino experts, charities and conservationists one question:

What single thing would you like to see happen in the next 12 months to help bring an end to the poaching?

September 22 is World Rhino Day

September 22 is World Rhino Day

Cathy Dean, Director – Save the Rhino International:

If I had to pick one single thing that’s not yet happening, it would be that Vietnam’s government becomes actively involved – not just paying lip service – in law enforcement and investigations and prosecutions of all those involved in trafficking wildlife products.

Susie Ellis, Director – International Rhino Federation:

I’d like to see inspection of each and every cargo container, piece of hand luggage, and checked luggage that leaves Africa, including airports and marine ports, as well as all cargo containers and pieces of hand and checked luggage that enter Chinese and Vietnamese points of entry, coupled with corporal punishment for those caught with horn.

Black rhino in Kwazulu Natal

Black rhino in Kwazulu Natal

Dr Jacques Flamand – Black Rhino Range Expansion Project Leader, WWF, South Africa:

My single desire is for there to be a reduction in the demand for rhino horn in Vietnam. How it’s achieved is another matter!

Pelham Jones – Chairman, Private Rhino Owners’ Association, South Africa:

I would like to see all ‘rhino conservationists’ involved in the rhino saga work together irrespective of their views on legalising the horn trade. This issue has polarized the community. It has split efforts and wasted time and conservation revenue instead of focusing 100 per cent on the real enemy.

Schoolchildren in Lewa Conservancy, Kenya, on World Rhino Day 2012

Schoolchildren in Lewa Conservancy, Kenya, on World Rhino Day 2012

Jabulani Ngubane – Rhino Security Expert, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, South Africa:

It won’t end poaching in one year, but I would like to see the SA Government embracing and publicly supporting [legalising] the rhino horn trade for 2016 CITES.

Mick Reilly – Head of Conservation & Security, Big Game Parks, Swaziland:

The poaching/smuggling problem must be tackled on both ends appropriately. Severe mandatory custodial penalties for poaching and trafficking should be imposed in Africa and in the market countries to remove the criminals from the bush and streets and to bring about demand suppression.

Martin Mulama – Chief Conservation Officer, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya:

At International level, concerted efforts to bring down the demand on rhino horn products in the consumer countries;  In Kenya, full implementation of the existing and complementary wildlife laws while pushing for enactment of the revised laws with harsher penalties on wildlife crime issues.

Marcia Fargnoli – Chief Executive Officer, Save the Rhino Trust, Namibia:

My wish is for everyone to unite over this species- to set all politics, income bracket, culture, race, creed, or religion aside and unite together to protect this prehistoric creature who is one of the great wise elder species of Africa.

About World Rhino

Day World Rhino Day was started in 2010 by WWF South Africa. It’s since become a global event spotlighting both African and Asian rhino species, providing a focal point that unites conservationists, experts, charities, rhino experts and the general public. It’s an opportunity for everybody who wants to stop rhinos going extinct in our lifetime to reflect on the current situation and take a stand, however small.

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2 Comments on “Experts’ wish list for World Rhino Day”

  1. Stephen Mitchell September 20, 2013 at 8:16 pm #

    I know this is totally wishful thinking but I would like to see The president of the United States talking to the Presidents of China and Vietnam about conservation of rhino and other species on a sustainable basis . Why is there always endless time and money for war when a fraction of these high level resources could make a massive difference to conservation even if only diplomacy.

    I ask the question whether we have spoken to senior Chinese politicians on how we can work together to ensure conservation and sustainable supply .

    Also South African rhino have a chance and good people and resources looking after them. I am really worried about Asian species . I would like to see them getting more attention , money etc..


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